benjamin ceramix

  1. artisamc

    This is such a beautiful piece! Is the line work in reference to something specific?

    It was great conversing with you during your show :)


    1. Benjamin Ceramix © 2015

      Thank you, Amanda. It was great to meet and chat tonight, I really appreciate you coming to the show and buying a piece of my artwork! A little bit of good conversation goes a long way.
      This piece is carved with “hieroglyphs” I made up myself, adorned upon a feline creature wearing an eternal smile, bearing ancient, cryptic secrets only decipherable by those who can see the art!
      Thanks again :-)


      1. artisamc

        Most definitely :) it’s so nice to converse with someone past small talk and have a meaningful interaction outside of my usual complacency of keeping to myself. Especially when that interaction is with another artist who understands what it’s like to be quietly eccentric. I love the self-created hieroglyphs on your work! It’s so intriguing! I do love a good mystery, maybe that’s part of why I’m so drawn to cats. They seem to know something about the universe and existence that others don’t.

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